Friday, January 30, 2009


Voodoo Swamp Witch she stands 10 1/2" tall her head is paper clay.Body is made from to gourd paint grayish white The hat,cat and box is black German glitter .Her bag is made from vintage feed sack with feather bottle cloth for her love spell.She has a Voodoo book of love spells with a glowing spider to guide the lock.The stick is feathers ,beads,and a white head that I think was her first husband he has pink eyes.She has big yellow cat eyes,the better to see you with.The key around her neck is for the book.She stands on a small black box. So beware of her.!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Goofy Fairy

This little guy the love bug, is a sweet little thing .I'm not sure if he find love for you or if he looking for love. .He stands 51/2"tall his wings are 6" across.His poor little legs are just an 1'long He is a goofy fairy that I had fun making.He hang from a ribbon.

Tree Witch

This is

the tree witch she has serve opening that small things can hide in.Her base is a tree, she has glitter ,earth tone colors,Paper clay head and neck. Paper all over the body with some cloth on her back side.She stands about 16"t

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Death as Santa Claus

Will here death so far,just base coat of paint still need to redo his face and make his outfit. he has a big cape to go with the suit oh what fun. No really I'm having fun.Beside death is the Voo Doo Witch ,she needs arm yet,haven't made up my mind what I what to do.And on the other side is a little fairy I just finish. Let me know what you think of death.


Here is one of the witch's I did last year.The spell book has a face on the front cover and she keeps it in a cage.I think that Mr.Penny pepper her husband .She got mad at him and put on the front of her spell book. Now she know where he is at all times he looks pretty unhappy.She stands 17 " tall, her body is a gourd cover in paper& glitter .Her top is vintage cloth, head and hands are paper clay.She is cover in small beads and Crystal .She has wire wings.Everything is gun down so nothing can get lost.Will I don't know about her husband.

Price $50.00 this is not a toy and is not intended for play.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Three skulls setting in a row

Here set three little skulls all in a row. One for a skull swap, and one for a challenge Death as Santa Claus (Discworld) on doll street.And one for what ever,now all I have to do is pick the ones I want.