Saturday, October 31, 2009


Here is what I got in the Secret Witch Society Swap from my partner Seraphina (aka )Regina thank you Love it.This swap was so much fun you didn't know who you got till Halloween. And a big Thanks to the Grand Witch hostess Hagatha( aka) Genevieve at: pop by and see both of them.


Oh dear I hope my friendly pumpkins don't scare you. Really they don't bite , I just wanted to say, HAPPY HALLOWEEN ,it's raining today and a bit cool the boys are going out tonight for treats. I can't go have to stay close and help my HB. But the said when they get back they came and show me what they got.I'll take pictures of them later and put up tonight. They are my sweeties ,
my other to sweeties live in Ca. I just want to say to Keegan and Kaylee I love you very much and miss you. Hope you have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN, Love MOM-MOM

Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween

From one Witchy Witch to another I want to wish everyone a "HAPPY HALLOWEEN"

And have a fun and safe night if you go out for teats. I 'll be putting up a swap I just receive sometime later today. Have had HB for test and he still has to go back Monday for more.There not sure why he can't walk and the weight lose ? After all the test we will find out the 13 what is wrong with him, his birthday is the 12 See you later.

Thursday, October 29, 2009



One full moon
Two wicked witches.
Three boney skeletons.
Four hooting owls
Five meowing cats
Six glowing jack-o- lanterns
Seven spooky ghosts
Eight creepy spiders
Nine green goblins
Ten black bats
It's almost

A Magic Chant : If in the dark you're frightened ,
Here's all you have to do .
Say :Igga bigga ,Hunka bunka,Dinka danka doo.
These words give you protection
From ghosts -and witches- too.
Say: Igga Bigga ,Hunka bunka ,Dinka danka doo.
So if at night a monster, Should whisper "I'll got you "'
Yell:Igga bigga,hunka bunkaDinka danka doo.

Monster Stew
If you are getting tired of plain old witches 'brew ,
Next time you have a party try gourmet monster stew
Put on an old black apron borrowed from a witch,
Then scoop in murky water from brackish ditch,
Pond slime is next thing,a bucket or two.
But if you don't have pond slim, some moldly
soup will do.
Now measure in an owl -hoot ,
two grumbles and a groan, to make it really tasty,
Add eerie moan, now if your guest are monsters ,
you cracklenwhile they eat .
They'll say your stew is gruesome , a most delightful treat!

Fat Old Witch

The strangest sight I've ever seen ,
was a fat old witch in a flying machine
The witch flew high ,the witch flew low,
the witch flew fast, the witch flew slow
the witch flew up, the witch flew down
She circle all around the town ,then turning left
then turning right,she disappered into the night
The fat old witch in a flying machine
Is the strangest sight I've ever seen, Of course , it happen on Halloween.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Winners & Pictures of Show

The winners are:
Pumpkin Triples: Laterg8
Yarni Gras: Vampire ornament
Crosta Sisters :Skull on Vintage jello mold
Imas Rose Cottage: Halloween Tree.
send me you addy so I can mail them out.

Here are two suitcase I did I carry my supplies in them. The big one isn't done.


Here a pictue of me watch out I hope it doesn't break your computer screen.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Another BLOG Party

There another blog party today and it happening at :
Serria wants to come so she got her witch hat on see her below and sage is on the sidebar in her horns.

It twas the night before Halloween (Eve) when all through the woods monster were stirring, even a witch or two.
They were waiting for Halloween to come, in hopes to scare little children every where,
The children were hiding under there beds,while vision of monster flew though there heads.And mom and dad had just locked there doors.
When out of the woods came a great big roar.
I sprang to the window to see what it was the matter. The moon throw a cast over the beast below.When what to my wondering eyes I saw a small black cat with a great roar.
She let out a roar to see who she could scare,but little Debb ran out of the house.

The poor little black cat didn't what to do ,so she hop on her broom and flew . To the top of trees she goes,fast,fast.Down she came pass little Debb,and she just smile at the little black cat.

The little black cat started to purr and flew straight to little Debb for she had find her a friend. Now the little black cat and Debb could play together and live Happy ever After.

Leave a commit to win a prize to be give away on 23 of Oct. I will draw names for both party at that time .

HALLOWEEN comes but once a year,but for me it just ledgers on !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seria just being her not happy about the witch hat

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Will my show went great sold half or more of my creations so happy, my booth was 13 lucky for me.Sorry I didn't get to put more for the party but my husband is still very ill and then with the show. Will put up a picture later of the show .Thanks to everyone so far that has stop by love all .And here ae some more free cards!!

" HALLOWEEN is the Cats Meow "

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Let The Party start

Will hello my pretties, come on in and set a spell were having a party just for you. Yes you, there will be prize maybe 2 or 3 not sure yet but I know they will be good. would you like some tea the witch's have already started with out us so we must hurry.

But first you must find your way through the trees so the spiders won't get you!!!!!

Watch out for the ghost flying around. And the skeletons are having fun!


No riding your broom in the house leave them by the door!

You know what? I forgot to give you name tag just fill it out so we know who you are or not.

Before you leave to visit everyone else fun party at I have a story about Halloween.

Tonight is the night when dead leaves fly.Like witches on switches across the sky.
When elf & sprite feet through the night on a Mooney skeen .
tonight is the night when leaves make a sound like a grome in his home under ground.
When spooks and trolls creeps out of holes mossy and green.
Tonight is the night when pumpkins stare .
Though sheaves and leaves everywhere.
When ghouls and ghost and goblins host .Dance round their queen.
It's HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't forget to leave a commit for a prize one for a pumpkin triples and one for the little devil canyon who takes pillows .He below here on my blog.

SPOOKY NIGHTS and FREAKY FRIGHTS to you my pretties!!!!!!


Monday, October 12, 2009


Keep Halloween on the 31st

Don't let retailers move our day and yah, they are seriously trying!

Go sign the petition I did.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mazel give away

MaZel over at the: is having a give away Oct 10 -15.The first 3 people to post about her give away get the cute crawling spider and a pumpkin. Go to her blog and see all the prize you can won list on the right side under give away #3.So fly on over there and sign up for a great give away.

Friday, October 9, 2009


First of all if this are repeats I'm sorry,my house is turned upside down right now. My husband has been sick for months but right now he going down hill fast. He has fallen trying just to walk back to his bed.Lost a lot of weight , I'm now having to help him with everything. I don't mind, but I don't know when I be able to post or even get back on the net.I also help my daughter with her boys.Still have the show to go too daughter and son will have to be here with him.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Halloween Swap

This is one of my Halloween swap for Yarnigras witches cupboard ,here is what my partner sent me,Thanks Lani, love everything.
She made this neat witch coffin with the light that goes in when opens .And all the Halloween candy .Grandchild's love her for the candy.
And a little pumpkin.
Thanks for the swap Val had fun.


Once upon a time there was a teeny tiny woman who lived in a teenny tiny house in teeny tiny village.Now ,one day this teeny tiny woman put on her tenny tiny bonnet ,and went out of her teeny tiny house to take a teeny tiny walk. And when this tenny tiny woman had gone a teeny tiny way ,she came to teeny tiny gate, so the teeny tiny woman opened the teent tiny gate and went into the teeny tiny churchyard.
And when this teeny tiny woman had got into the teeny tiny churchyard,she saw a teeny tiny grave, and the teeny tiny bone on the teeny tiny grave.and the teeny tiny woman said to herself."This teeny tiny bone will make me some teeny tiny soup for my teeny tiny supper.
SO the teeny tiny woman put the teeny tiny bone into he teeny tiny pocket, and went home to he teeny tinyhouse.
Now when the teeny tiny woman got home to he teeny tiny house she was a teeny tiny bit tired;so she went up to her teeny tiny bed.and put the teeny tiny bone teeny tiny cupboard. ANd when this teeny tiny woman had been sleep a teeny tiny voice from the teeny tiny cupboad, which said:
And this tenny tiny woman was a teeny tiny frightened ,so she hid her teeny tiny head under the teeny tiny clothes and went to sleep again.And when she had been to sleep again a teeny tiny time ,the teeny tiny cupboard a teeny- tiny louder,
This made the teeny tiny woman a teeny tiny more frightened ,so she hid her teeny tiny head a teent tiny further uder the teent tiny head a teeny tiny further under the teeny tiny clothes.And when the teeny tiny woman had been to sleep again a teeny tiny time , the teeny tiny vioce from the cupboard said again a teeny tiny louder.
And this teeny tiny woman was a teeny tiny bit frightened ,but she put her teeny tiny head out of the teeny tiny clothes, and she said in her loudest teent tiny voice.