Wednesday, August 25, 2010

GRANDCHILREN (Keegan & Kaylee)

I just wanted my grandchildren that live far, far away know , that I miss them and love them always. Just remember the good times we had as a family. And when you do find your way back home no question ask , just hugs, a time to laugh , love,and be a family again. Until then I love you both(Keegan & Kaylee) with with all my heart . And Happy Birthday to Kaylee who is growing into a beautiful young girl.
Tamilia , Dominic and Harrison said to tell you Hi!!!! and they miss seeing you too.

LOVE ,from everyone here ,Your Mom-Mom

Monday, August 16, 2010


Some people like a Jack in the Box.But for me I like a monster in a box.Poor ,poor monster they just put high on a shelf and cob web grow.They lock on top he lost but the key to the lock is hidden inside of him.They box is covered in texture homemade paper.Head and hat are paper clay.
Will back to work ,throwing out the old, busy busy me!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

New house , Studio and Piece

Here is a picture of the Vampire Slaver . I will post more pictures later. Dial up is so slow today.

This is the 800 sq ft. that will be mine went from a huge house to this. But I love it .Two big beams in the middle the bedroom and bath will be close .The kitchen and front are open .And the studio is in the garage ,and it big. Love it all. When it done I post pictures.