Friday, February 20, 2009

Monster Under the Bed

This is a vampire skull that made , I put it on top of the stick to use with my vampire lady I'm doing.

There a monster under the bed, and here she is.She very small about3 1/2 " tall
orange ,pink, gray,black bow and a pink eye.I ask her if I dream her up and she said NO! I dream you up and your scary.Who me?????I ask her about her small hands and she said, one night she was under a bed and there was a doll that was all broke up, so she took the hands.Now she happy to just set up here on the computer.


Hello , just a note a about a new group of artist that I have join.The Dark Artist guild,i love it over there. Great group of artist, feel right at home .Come on over( Look ) around even join us .Scroll down the side bar to the Dag skull click on and your there .

freebie dancing skeletons for you

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Skull Swap

The on the bottom is what I sent to my swap partner Michelle, And the one on top of course is what Michelle at, sent me.I love him he hanging in here with me.I used Michelle pictures cause she did such a great job on them.She has such a great blog go see. Thanks Dani over at Ambitions Design looking forward to more swap there.Will I'm going now have a bad headache for about two days.See you later .

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Skull heads

I like to take a poll to see which skull head you think would look better for Death as the hogfahter?