Saturday, October 30, 2010


To all my friends everwhere, have a safe Halloween. Watch out for them Spooks that hide under the beds, in the woods, up in the airand everwhere.

The party went great for the boys 30 kids showed up .Hate to put everything away.

"Halloween cames but once a year, but for me it just Leger's on." So true ,

Will be moving in to the new Monday, have new furniture coming can't wait.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


The boys are gearing up for a big Halloween Party were using the new house .They sealed the floor so it just one great big space. There be games, hayride ,food And they can ran wild. Hope I make it through,of course I got to be a wicked WITCH. he! he!
I got the dancing boom and love it, got 2 talking butlers. I think I have enough to do a big ,big house. If I can I will post pictures.If you would like free animations for your blog go to
There all the Holiday's. Pictures below

A witch to fly over the haunted house

A ghost to haunt it.


I mean WICKED WITCH DEBB ,he ! he ,he ! he! OK I all out of he!.he!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Spirits in Sanford

Will I"m back from the show in Sanford Fl.had since a great time. The artists at the show were were so nice ,the town had a brick road loved the town.Jeanne Taylor owned the gallery very nice woman so glad to meet her and Mary Shaw. After the show on Sat. night got sick from something I ate and was in bed till Monday. But the boys did get to go to the beach at Dayton ,they had a blast. My show went"SUPER" sold about half of my creations and was so happy to meet all the great people of Fl.And big thanks to everyone who came to the show and brought not just my art but all the artists there.With out you we would be nothing. SO "THANKS YOU" Can't down loaded the pictures I hate that maybe later. But over at Jorge De Rojas blog he has pictures go to . Here a list of the artists at the show , Mella Menzer, Diana Waldron, Sara Whitmore, Chris Klinger, Jorge De Rojas,
and Me.So fly over to " Ho, Ho, Halloween "and take a look.