Sunday, May 31, 2009


I'm going to have a give away for a mini skeleton rabbit. My skeleton rabbits were finalist in a challenge for Cloth Paper Scissors magazine. So I made a mini for this great give away my way of saying thanks to everyone who stops by and who has become my good friends .All you have to do is leave a commit and your entered and post on your blog and your have two more enters.

And there another give away at Johanna Parker ( )for her 111 post .She giving away a Halloween creation so you better hurry over there and sign up.
Good luck.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Skeletons Bunnies Challenge

I enter a challenge at (Cloth Paper Scissors) for "Skeletons In Your Closet Reader challenge".
I was just one of the lucky finalist that got chose . My little bunnies are off to the magazine, I'm just glad I made it in the finalist, now to wait to see who the lucky ones to get there creation in the magazine. Good luck to everyone who is left in the challenge.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Transylvania Dreaming

In the in middle of the night
When you're safe in bed
And the doors are locked
And the cats are fed
And it much too bright
And sleep won't come
And there's something wrong
And you want your mom
And you hear a noise
And you see a shape
And it looks like a bat
Or a man in a cape
And you dare not breath
And your heart skips a beat
And you're cold as ice
From your head to your feet
And you said a prayer
And you swear to be good
And you'd run for your life
If you only could
And your eyes are wide
And stuck on stalks
As the thing in black
Toward you walks
And the room goes dark
And you faint clean away
And you don't wake up
Till the very next day...
And you open your eyes
And the sun is out
And you jump out of bed
And you sing and shout,
"It was only a dream!"
And you dance around the room
And your heart is a light
As a helium ballon
ANd your mom rushes in
And says ,Hold on a sec...
What are those two little holes in your neck?

Be careful never to break a mirror . It's a long seven years of bad luck that it will bring.Should a mirror fall and break on it own, a death in the home is soon expected.Even the house where the mirrors is broken is thought to remain cursed for seven years. You also invite bad luck when you look at your reflection in a mirror by candlelight.
Long ago ,people looked in amazement at their reflections in water, believing it was a glimpse at their soul. When the reflected image was altered by a wave or a ripple, it meant the soul was in danger. Over time ,it came to be believed that someone broke a mirror , it took seven years for thier soul to return to them.
The seven -year sentance was assigned by the Romans,who believed it took a body seven years to repaip itself or ,in this case ,seven years to shake the bad luck.

Till the very next day...

Monday, May 11, 2009


Belief in the werewolf probably dates back to Paleopagan times ,when the spirits of animals were both revered and feared. Further on in history ,we discover that lycanthropy (werewolfism) finds its root name from Apollo Lycaeus (Wolfish Apollo) ,who was worshiped in the famous lyceum or" Wolf temple" where Socrates taught .Apollo was mated to Artemis, known in some myths as the divine Wolf Bitch . the She -WOLF was another aspect of the goddess trinity, and her legends move through various races and cultures. Significance here is placed on the belief that goddess or god could shape shift into an animal form.The werewolf legend of people turning into wolves (and back again) stems from this tribal belief.
Many myths, from Celtic Ireland through Germany ,insist that if a person wears a wolf pelt , he or she can transform into a spirit beast. In Mercia during the tenth century A.d. ,there was a revival of Pagan learning under two Druidic priests, one of whom was named Werewolf. This name of "spirit -wolf"seems to have been applied to opponents of Christianity in general.About 1000C.E. , the words "werewolf" was taken to mean "outlaw"probably with it's association to the renegade druid priest Criminals were hanged beside wolves, and the Saxon word for the gallows means "wolf tree".
Another story traceable to wolf-clan traditions ,which may have it's source in Germany, is the story of Little Red Riding Hood.The red garment and the offering of food to" grandmother" in the deep woods(the grandmother wore a wolf skin ) are symbolic of devouring and resurrection .It's thought that a woven red hood was the distinguishing mark of a prophetess or priestess. As death and resurrection are a large portion of the early Samhain beliefs, it's no wonder we find werewolves associated with the holiday of Halloween.
Medieval tales of numerous executions in France and Germany shows that it was as dangerous to be a werewolf as it was to be a witch.historical records indicate the torture and murder of several men and woman who were made to confess that they had acquired this shape shifting ability, naturally through a pact with the Christian devil.
It is possible that "serial killers"are not all the modern(skipping Jack the Ripper ,of course)and not some of the earliest mass killers were considered vampires and werewolves, for killing without guilt is attributable to the animal condition, not to human one.We find the case of Peter Stubb, the infamous Werewolf of Cologne, accused of killing numerous woman and children , to be one of the most frightening trails of an individual accused of actually being a werewolf.Two woman , his daughter and his mistress, were sentenced as accomplices, and Peter Stubb met an incredibly horrendous death at the hands of his judges , while the woman suffered the fate of burning at the stake. Although this could be another urban legend gone wild -as with the witch torture, hangings and burning mentioned earlier -this might be a case of a real medieval serial killer. France appears to have the worst case of werewolves mania,where many people were burned during the sixtennth century, including sufferes from porphyria (a genetic disease) ,rabies, victims,ergot poisoning, and of course the true criminal.
Where wolves have resided, many tribes around the world have associated great power and mysticism to the animal and in several cultures, the wolf was not seen as a "bad"
beast. In reality ,we know that wolf is a highly social ,intelligent, an friendly animal.The Celts were known to cross -breed wolves with hounds to produce a powerful dog for battle,and some Scotch traditions use the wolf as their totem (MaLennans an MacTyre.).
Goo Night my friends

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Ok I got a new book on Halloween : by Silver Ravenwolf an have just started to read it. But thought I write about this : Water Divination's,
earth. air water, and fire have always provide humans with access to the mystical realms involved in divination. Halloween Eve, as we've seen was the night to delve into the unknown. historically , water divination's appear popular during the harvest season. as with the apple divination's ,water divination's began as a solo enterprise associated with Halloween , then eased into party games or activities to be one with group partition.

If young girl washes her undergarments on Halloween eve,and, without saying anything ,hangs them over a chair to dry ,she will (if she awake long enough to see)watch the form of her future husband enter the room and turn the undergarments .One tale holds that a young girl in Scotland did this and instead of seeing her lover,saw a coffin. The next day her lover died.

If a young woman goes to a lake at midnight on Halloween and gazers at her image in the water ,she shall see her lover's face reflected before her.

A young girl should take three pails of water and place them in her bedroom on Halloween Eve, then pin her nightdress opposite her heart with three leaves of green holly. If she is roused from a deep sleep by the call of three bears , the sound will die away . followed by a hoarse laugh. After the laugh ceases, the form of her future husband will appear. if he is deeply attached to her, he will change the position of the pails.If not , he will pass from the room without touching her.

A young girl, on Halloweens eve, should dribble hot wax ( or hot lead) into a cauldron filled with water to find the circumstance of her intended. if the shape resembles a ship, he will be a sailor, while a coffin means widowhood, and so on ".In the unique and feisty Massachusetts community of Marblehead. unmarried women customarily hung a pot of tallow oven the fire ,then dropped iron hobnails into the fat , believing their husband -to-be would appear.")

A surviving party game entails the use of three bowls and a blindfold. The first bowl is filled with clear water. The second bowl is filled with dirty water. the third bowl remains empty/The blindfold person dips their hands into one of the bowls.If the bowl with the clear water is chosen , the blindfold person will marry a virgin. If the bowl with the dirty water is selected ,then he or she will widowed( or depending on the game , will not marry a virgin).If the empty bowl is chosen ,then the blindfolded person will not marry.
Another version of this game indicates that the clean water means the future partner will be attractive and a joy to be with, the dirty water means the prospective partner is married to someone else, and the empty bowl indicates no partner is to be found at this time. An American variation of this game includes apples in the first bowl nuts in the second and soot in the third.If apples are chosen the individual will experience luck and love though out the coming year.( or though tout their life)If the bowls of nuts are chosen the person will be quite fertile and have great strength and unchanging luck. If the blindfold person choose the bowl of soot, then they will experience loss of love or sickness in the coming year ( or though out life). Wow don't pick the wrong bowl.
Good Night my friends.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Four friends all 10 years old,decided to challenge their fears and spend the night in the big,old haunted house on the edge of town.It was just before midnight and they were down in the candle lit cobweb filled dusky cellar scaring each other with ghost stories when there banging on the window and a loud low croaking voice called out "I am the Viper!"
The boys in unison screamed and high tailed it up the creaky stairs to the entry hall.They stood there panting and shaking when all of a sudden there was a dull thudding at the front door and the same soulless voice groaned. "I am the Viper!"Not knowing where else to go, the boys scrambled up the wild stairs to the next story and stood huddled on the landing , ashen faced their knees rattling.
It was quiet for a long time and they began to slowly relax when, without warning the big window, not three feet in front of them , began to rattle violently. From the other side the voice , louder ,impatient bellowed "I am the Viper!"The boys ,eyes bulging and dry, hollow gurgles coming from their throat, flew up stairs to the next floor, which was the attic. Because of the low roof they were forced to sit in the middle of the floor, holding on to each other for dear life.
Intermittent sobs and snuffles broke the stony silence. The boys could hear the sound of rats scurrying about in the darkness and the flapping of bats wings as they flew out of a hole in the roof.Time seem to stand still as the boys contemplated a gruesome death at the hands of this diabolical creature.
Then they heard it.It started as a low deep rumbling , like thunder in the distance. The voice quickly grew louder, building in crescendo , until the entire house shook and seemed engulfed in the violent reverberations "I AM THE VIPER!"
The shutters in front of them blasted open , snapped from their hinges,and a hairy ,haggard, misshapen face peered in through the opening . Green eyes glowed in the dark from the center of that horrible face. Bloodless lips, parted, revealed a toothless black opening "I AM THE VIPER!"
And then ,with a twinkle in his eyes and a slight smile on his face , he muttered, "I come to viper your vindows!"
More chills and thrills to come later for your reading "Good Night my Friends

Monday, May 4, 2009


Instead of a story tonight I have two pictures . Not feeling to good that the story of my life and it goes on . Will be back tomorrow with a good story . Hope you like the pictures I need to take a picture of the Vampire and the box I made for him , maybe tomorrow .I off to bed early for me.Till tomorrow night store "Good Night" my friends.

SEA HAG for the swap under the sea

Dark witch challenge for SEHA

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Salem Witch Trails

It all began in the village of Salem. Massachusetts in January of 1692 when two girls, Elizabeth Parris and Abigail William's, began to show unusual symptoms screaming .convulsions an trances- like behavior.The doctor declared that their fits could mean only one thing the girls were under the influence of witches.
Soon many girls though out Salem Village were complaining of similar symptom's.
They jumped into holes ,crept under chairs, and contorted their bodies in all sorts of ways.Other especially in the company of one particular minister made strange sounds and pulled burning logs from fireplaces, throwing them about the room.though the people prayed an fasted the fits continued .Fingers were pointed first to the weakest and the strangest of the village,Tituba, a slave from Barbados, Sarah Good a beggar and Sarah Osborne an old bedridden woman.
But as the panic grew more and more people once deemed "respectable" were also accused including Good wife Proctor whose husband was a successful farmer and tavern keeper.Martha Cory the wife of a farmer and landowner , the governor's wife and even four year girl by the name of Dorcas Good.
A special court was established in Salem to hear the cases and the trails began in June ,Bridget Bishop was the first to be tried and hanged . But the case that drew the most attention was Rebbecca nurse's a 71 year church member and the most saint like little old lady of the village. It was her trail that started to cast a shadow of doubt over the witch hunting .
The jury acquitted her at first ,but the judge finally found her guilty and she also was put to the gallows.
By October . the governor ordered the special court disbanded and the trails came to an end. Those waiting trails or execution were released and pardoned .Little Dorcas Good and Tituba were free , but Sarah Good and Sarah Osborne both died in the gallows.
Hundreds were accused and 150 imprisoned and chained to prison walls .In all 20 people were hanged and many more perished in prison.

More chills and thrills to come later. So Good Night my friends. Watch out for the witch's. he! he! he ! he !One just flew by me that was close .

Saturday, May 2, 2009


I'm been working on a sea hag for the swap" under the sea" she almost done and looking pretty good I think. Now on with the bed time stories


Hollywood idol James Dean was famous for his love of racing as well as for the movies he made. His pride and joy was a silver -gray Porsche Spyder 550, a high powered German racing car. Studio bosses forbade dean from racing during the filming of Giants in 1955, the movie in which he starred with Elizabeth Taylor and Rock Hudson. The day after the filming was completed , the 24 -year old actor jumped in his Porsche and headed north out of Los Angeles for a race that would start the following day. He wouldn't make it to the starting line . A few miles out of the city , Dean crashed into another car at a highway intersection.The on coming car had paused before finishing a left turn, and the head on collision killed ean instantly. The other driver was only slightly injured. From that day forward bits and pieces of the famous car were sold and caused accidents wherever they went.
the curse first struck a mechanic who was helping unload the battered Porsche from the tow truck. The car slipped an fell on him ,breaking both of his legs.A doctor who bought the engine and installed it in his race car, lost control during a race and was killed .In the same race ,a car containing the Porsche drive shaft rolled over and left the driver injured.
Two tires from the car - reported by a mechanic to be in perfect condition -were sold to a race car driver. Both tires explored simultaneously forcing his car off the road. The state of California put the smashed -up body of Deans Porsche on exhibition to promote highway safety, but some of those who flocked to the legendary wreak became it's innocent victims .While on display in Sacramento. the car broke free of it's frame and fell ,breaking a teen hip. A few weeks later, the phantom car
lashed out at the unlucky truck diver who was taking it to it;s next safety display. The driver had an accident and was thrown from his truck.The Porsche rolled off the back ,fell onto the driver who was lying by the road and killed him.The hand break of another truck ,carrying the car to Ore, suddenly slipped off , which sent the truck crashing into a storefront . In 1959 , the crumpled body of the car mysteriously broke into eleven pieces while on display in New Olreans.
Those who are visit the monument in Cholame, California at the intersection where James Dean met his death -and his car look on an evil afterlife.
More chills and thrills to come later for your bedtimes stories to read." GOOD
NIGHT My friends

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WhOo AwArD !!!!!

My friend Cindy at( ) gave me this " WHOO Award" , she likes to read the stories I write about Halloween, I'm glad to hear from friends saying they like the story's. I do hope everyone does return every night to read the story. Of course I have to write them , I know I missed one but the story's tonight are really good.


will I missed last night bedtime stories, having a lot of bad head aches here lately, My ex- daughter in law is trying to kept the grandchild's from us and there father.And it no fun going to court .The only people it hurts the most is the children . Now on with the Bedtime story.

When we think of seances, witches ,fortune- tellers, haunted house ,or even Halloween ,we think of candles. Candles are shrouded in mystery and superstition.
beware the candle that blows out during a ceremony. It's warning that evil is near.Three lit candles in a row bring bad luck. Quickly blow one out.Light a candle inside a jack -o- lantern on Halloween to guard against evil spirits lurking about.If you look into a mirror by candlelight you may find the soul of the deceased.There's even a "corpse candle"which reveals the unusual presence of a small flame floating through the night air, believed to be a lost soul.Such a sight is considered an omen of death (understood by some to predict the death of the person witnessing the event.
Spooked? remember , a candle's magic is not totally out of your control. Try using a pink candle against evil spirits,a red candle to bring love your way, a black candle to put accuse on someone. For secrecy ,it is believed that a candle in the hand of a dead man will not be seen by anyone but those who placed it there.

The Black Cat
The black cat is the most commonly thought enchanted animal of the mystical world. Everyone knows that when a black cat crosses your path ,bad luck is soon to follow. But did you know that you could counteract this evil omen with a few simple tricks? As soon as you spot the feline . spit on the ground ,turn yourself around three times , or walk backwards retracing your steps. For extra insurance , try reciting the following incantation:

Black cat ,I do pray
Bring me luck and bless my way
Do not choose to bring me harm
Let me pass with this small charm.

As you pass ,reach down and stroke the cat back, as gesture of kindness.

often the companions of witches, black cats are believed to have power to reason . perform sorcery, and understand human languages. Many members of the magical order believe the devil takes the form of the shadowy feline when he goes about his dark business. So next time a black cat crosses your path, beware! it just may be the Devil in disguise......

More chills and thrills to come later , so" Good Night my friends"