Friday, May 1, 2009


will I missed last night bedtime stories, having a lot of bad head aches here lately, My ex- daughter in law is trying to kept the grandchild's from us and there father.And it no fun going to court .The only people it hurts the most is the children . Now on with the Bedtime story.

When we think of seances, witches ,fortune- tellers, haunted house ,or even Halloween ,we think of candles. Candles are shrouded in mystery and superstition.
beware the candle that blows out during a ceremony. It's warning that evil is near.Three lit candles in a row bring bad luck. Quickly blow one out.Light a candle inside a jack -o- lantern on Halloween to guard against evil spirits lurking about.If you look into a mirror by candlelight you may find the soul of the deceased.There's even a "corpse candle"which reveals the unusual presence of a small flame floating through the night air, believed to be a lost soul.Such a sight is considered an omen of death (understood by some to predict the death of the person witnessing the event.
Spooked? remember , a candle's magic is not totally out of your control. Try using a pink candle against evil spirits,a red candle to bring love your way, a black candle to put accuse on someone. For secrecy ,it is believed that a candle in the hand of a dead man will not be seen by anyone but those who placed it there.

The Black Cat
The black cat is the most commonly thought enchanted animal of the mystical world. Everyone knows that when a black cat crosses your path ,bad luck is soon to follow. But did you know that you could counteract this evil omen with a few simple tricks? As soon as you spot the feline . spit on the ground ,turn yourself around three times , or walk backwards retracing your steps. For extra insurance , try reciting the following incantation:

Black cat ,I do pray
Bring me luck and bless my way
Do not choose to bring me harm
Let me pass with this small charm.

As you pass ,reach down and stroke the cat back, as gesture of kindness.

often the companions of witches, black cats are believed to have power to reason . perform sorcery, and understand human languages. Many members of the magical order believe the devil takes the form of the shadowy feline when he goes about his dark business. So next time a black cat crosses your path, beware! it just may be the Devil in disguise......

More chills and thrills to come later , so" Good Night my friends"

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Anonymous said...

I really like these tonight Debb! Sorry about your problems with the Grand Kids and court. I'm sure it will turn out good for you! Keep a smile on your face. Think positive!