Saturday, May 9, 2009


Ok I got a new book on Halloween : by Silver Ravenwolf an have just started to read it. But thought I write about this : Water Divination's,
earth. air water, and fire have always provide humans with access to the mystical realms involved in divination. Halloween Eve, as we've seen was the night to delve into the unknown. historically , water divination's appear popular during the harvest season. as with the apple divination's ,water divination's began as a solo enterprise associated with Halloween , then eased into party games or activities to be one with group partition.

If young girl washes her undergarments on Halloween eve,and, without saying anything ,hangs them over a chair to dry ,she will (if she awake long enough to see)watch the form of her future husband enter the room and turn the undergarments .One tale holds that a young girl in Scotland did this and instead of seeing her lover,saw a coffin. The next day her lover died.

If a young woman goes to a lake at midnight on Halloween and gazers at her image in the water ,she shall see her lover's face reflected before her.

A young girl should take three pails of water and place them in her bedroom on Halloween Eve, then pin her nightdress opposite her heart with three leaves of green holly. If she is roused from a deep sleep by the call of three bears , the sound will die away . followed by a hoarse laugh. After the laugh ceases, the form of her future husband will appear. if he is deeply attached to her, he will change the position of the pails.If not , he will pass from the room without touching her.

A young girl, on Halloweens eve, should dribble hot wax ( or hot lead) into a cauldron filled with water to find the circumstance of her intended. if the shape resembles a ship, he will be a sailor, while a coffin means widowhood, and so on ".In the unique and feisty Massachusetts community of Marblehead. unmarried women customarily hung a pot of tallow oven the fire ,then dropped iron hobnails into the fat , believing their husband -to-be would appear.")

A surviving party game entails the use of three bowls and a blindfold. The first bowl is filled with clear water. The second bowl is filled with dirty water. the third bowl remains empty/The blindfold person dips their hands into one of the bowls.If the bowl with the clear water is chosen , the blindfold person will marry a virgin. If the bowl with the dirty water is selected ,then he or she will widowed( or depending on the game , will not marry a virgin).If the empty bowl is chosen ,then the blindfolded person will not marry.
Another version of this game indicates that the clean water means the future partner will be attractive and a joy to be with, the dirty water means the prospective partner is married to someone else, and the empty bowl indicates no partner is to be found at this time. An American variation of this game includes apples in the first bowl nuts in the second and soot in the third.If apples are chosen the individual will experience luck and love though out the coming year.( or though tout their life)If the bowls of nuts are chosen the person will be quite fertile and have great strength and unchanging luck. If the blindfold person choose the bowl of soot, then they will experience loss of love or sickness in the coming year ( or though out life). Wow don't pick the wrong bowl.
Good Night my friends.

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