Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Salem Witch Trails

It all began in the village of Salem. Massachusetts in January of 1692 when two girls, Elizabeth Parris and Abigail William's, began to show unusual symptoms screaming .convulsions an trances- like behavior.The doctor declared that their fits could mean only one thing the girls were under the influence of witches.
Soon many girls though out Salem Village were complaining of similar symptom's.
They jumped into holes ,crept under chairs, and contorted their bodies in all sorts of ways.Other especially in the company of one particular minister made strange sounds and pulled burning logs from fireplaces, throwing them about the room.though the people prayed an fasted the fits continued .Fingers were pointed first to the weakest and the strangest of the village,Tituba, a slave from Barbados, Sarah Good a beggar and Sarah Osborne an old bedridden woman.
But as the panic grew more and more people once deemed "respectable" were also accused including Good wife Proctor whose husband was a successful farmer and tavern keeper.Martha Cory the wife of a farmer and landowner , the governor's wife and even four year girl by the name of Dorcas Good.
A special court was established in Salem to hear the cases and the trails began in June ,Bridget Bishop was the first to be tried and hanged . But the case that drew the most attention was Rebbecca nurse's a 71 year church member and the most saint like little old lady of the village. It was her trail that started to cast a shadow of doubt over the witch hunting .
The jury acquitted her at first ,but the judge finally found her guilty and she also was put to the gallows.
By October . the governor ordered the special court disbanded and the trails came to an end. Those waiting trails or execution were released and pardoned .Little Dorcas Good and Tituba were free , but Sarah Good and Sarah Osborne both died in the gallows.
Hundreds were accused and 150 imprisoned and chained to prison walls .In all 20 people were hanged and many more perished in prison.

More chills and thrills to come later. So Good Night my friends. Watch out for the witch's. he! he! he ! he !One just flew by me that was close .

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