Monday, May 18, 2009

Transylvania Dreaming

In the in middle of the night
When you're safe in bed
And the doors are locked
And the cats are fed
And it much too bright
And sleep won't come
And there's something wrong
And you want your mom
And you hear a noise
And you see a shape
And it looks like a bat
Or a man in a cape
And you dare not breath
And your heart skips a beat
And you're cold as ice
From your head to your feet
And you said a prayer
And you swear to be good
And you'd run for your life
If you only could
And your eyes are wide
And stuck on stalks
As the thing in black
Toward you walks
And the room goes dark
And you faint clean away
And you don't wake up
Till the very next day...
And you open your eyes
And the sun is out
And you jump out of bed
And you sing and shout,
"It was only a dream!"
And you dance around the room
And your heart is a light
As a helium ballon
ANd your mom rushes in
And says ,Hold on a sec...
What are those two little holes in your neck?

Be careful never to break a mirror . It's a long seven years of bad luck that it will bring.Should a mirror fall and break on it own, a death in the home is soon expected.Even the house where the mirrors is broken is thought to remain cursed for seven years. You also invite bad luck when you look at your reflection in a mirror by candlelight.
Long ago ,people looked in amazement at their reflections in water, believing it was a glimpse at their soul. When the reflected image was altered by a wave or a ripple, it meant the soul was in danger. Over time ,it came to be believed that someone broke a mirror , it took seven years for thier soul to return to them.
The seven -year sentance was assigned by the Romans,who believed it took a body seven years to repaip itself or ,in this case ,seven years to shake the bad luck.

Till the very next day...


Sonia ;) said...

Cool story and insight on mirrors...Hope all is well at your end Deb.

Sonia ;)

Anonymous said...

Love the poem Debb!