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I'm been working on a sea hag for the swap" under the sea" she almost done and looking pretty good I think. Now on with the bed time stories


Hollywood idol James Dean was famous for his love of racing as well as for the movies he made. His pride and joy was a silver -gray Porsche Spyder 550, a high powered German racing car. Studio bosses forbade dean from racing during the filming of Giants in 1955, the movie in which he starred with Elizabeth Taylor and Rock Hudson. The day after the filming was completed , the 24 -year old actor jumped in his Porsche and headed north out of Los Angeles for a race that would start the following day. He wouldn't make it to the starting line . A few miles out of the city , Dean crashed into another car at a highway intersection.The on coming car had paused before finishing a left turn, and the head on collision killed ean instantly. The other driver was only slightly injured. From that day forward bits and pieces of the famous car were sold and caused accidents wherever they went.
the curse first struck a mechanic who was helping unload the battered Porsche from the tow truck. The car slipped an fell on him ,breaking both of his legs.A doctor who bought the engine and installed it in his race car, lost control during a race and was killed .In the same race ,a car containing the Porsche drive shaft rolled over and left the driver injured.
Two tires from the car - reported by a mechanic to be in perfect condition -were sold to a race car driver. Both tires explored simultaneously forcing his car off the road. The state of California put the smashed -up body of Deans Porsche on exhibition to promote highway safety, but some of those who flocked to the legendary wreak became it's innocent victims .While on display in Sacramento. the car broke free of it's frame and fell ,breaking a teen hip. A few weeks later, the phantom car
lashed out at the unlucky truck diver who was taking it to it;s next safety display. The driver had an accident and was thrown from his truck.The Porsche rolled off the back ,fell onto the driver who was lying by the road and killed him.The hand break of another truck ,carrying the car to Ore, suddenly slipped off , which sent the truck crashing into a storefront . In 1959 , the crumpled body of the car mysteriously broke into eleven pieces while on display in New Olreans.
Those who are visit the monument in Cholame, California at the intersection where James Dean met his death -and his car look on an evil afterlife.
More chills and thrills to come later for your bedtimes stories to read." GOOD
NIGHT My friends

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