Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Four friends all 10 years old,decided to challenge their fears and spend the night in the big,old haunted house on the edge of town.It was just before midnight and they were down in the candle lit cobweb filled dusky cellar scaring each other with ghost stories when there banging on the window and a loud low croaking voice called out "I am the Viper!"
The boys in unison screamed and high tailed it up the creaky stairs to the entry hall.They stood there panting and shaking when all of a sudden there was a dull thudding at the front door and the same soulless voice groaned. "I am the Viper!"Not knowing where else to go, the boys scrambled up the wild stairs to the next story and stood huddled on the landing , ashen faced their knees rattling.
It was quiet for a long time and they began to slowly relax when, without warning the big window, not three feet in front of them , began to rattle violently. From the other side the voice , louder ,impatient bellowed "I am the Viper!"The boys ,eyes bulging and dry, hollow gurgles coming from their throat, flew up stairs to the next floor, which was the attic. Because of the low roof they were forced to sit in the middle of the floor, holding on to each other for dear life.
Intermittent sobs and snuffles broke the stony silence. The boys could hear the sound of rats scurrying about in the darkness and the flapping of bats wings as they flew out of a hole in the roof.Time seem to stand still as the boys contemplated a gruesome death at the hands of this diabolical creature.
Then they heard it.It started as a low deep rumbling , like thunder in the distance. The voice quickly grew louder, building in crescendo , until the entire house shook and seemed engulfed in the violent reverberations "I AM THE VIPER!"
The shutters in front of them blasted open , snapped from their hinges,and a hairy ,haggard, misshapen face peered in through the opening . Green eyes glowed in the dark from the center of that horrible face. Bloodless lips, parted, revealed a toothless black opening "I AM THE VIPER!"
And then ,with a twinkle in his eyes and a slight smile on his face , he muttered, "I come to viper your vindows!"
More chills and thrills to come later for your reading "Good Night my Friends

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Kathie said...

Your story was "Vondeful" LOL!!!