Tuesday, November 23, 2010

HaPpY tHaNkSgIvInG tO aLl My FrIeNdS

Wishing all my friends and family a "Happy Thanksgiving" have a safe one

LoVe DeBb,

Saturday, October 30, 2010


To all my friends everwhere, have a safe Halloween. Watch out for them Spooks that hide under the beds, in the woods, up in the airand everwhere.

The party went great for the boys 30 kids showed up .Hate to put everything away.

"Halloween cames but once a year, but for me it just Leger's on." So true ,

Will be moving in to the new Monday, have new furniture coming can't wait.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


The boys are gearing up for a big Halloween Party were using the new house .They sealed the floor so it just one great big space. There be games, hayride ,food And they can ran wild. Hope I make it through,of course I got to be a wicked WITCH. he! he!
I got the dancing boom and love it, got 2 talking butlers. I think I have enough to do a big ,big house. If I can I will post pictures.If you would like free animations for your blog go to
There all the Holiday's. Pictures below

A witch to fly over the haunted house

A ghost to haunt it.


I mean WICKED WITCH DEBB ,he ! he ,he ! he! OK I all out of he!.he!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Spirits in Sanford

Will I"m back from the show in Sanford Fl.had since a great time. The artists at the show were were so nice ,the town had a brick road loved the town.Jeanne Taylor owned the gallery very nice woman so glad to meet her and Mary Shaw. After the show on Sat. night got sick from something I ate and was in bed till Monday. But the boys did get to go to the beach at Dayton ,they had a blast. My show went"SUPER" sold about half of my creations and was so happy to meet all the great people of Fl.And big thanks to everyone who came to the show and brought not just my art but all the artists there.With out you we would be nothing. SO "THANKS YOU" Can't down loaded the pictures I hate that maybe later. But over at Jorge De Rojas blog he has pictures go to . Here a list of the artists at the show , Mella Menzer, Diana Waldron, Sara Whitmore, Chris Klinger, Jorge De Rojas,
and Me.So fly over to " Ho, Ho, Halloween "and take a look.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

GRANDCHILREN (Keegan & Kaylee)

I just wanted my grandchildren that live far, far away know , that I miss them and love them always. Just remember the good times we had as a family. And when you do find your way back home no question ask , just hugs, a time to laugh , love,and be a family again. Until then I love you both(Keegan & Kaylee) with with all my heart . And Happy Birthday to Kaylee who is growing into a beautiful young girl.
Tamilia , Dominic and Harrison said to tell you Hi!!!! and they miss seeing you too.

LOVE ,from everyone here ,Your Mom-Mom

Monday, August 16, 2010


Some people like a Jack in the Box.But for me I like a monster in a box.Poor ,poor monster they just put high on a shelf and cob web grow.They lock on top he lost but the key to the lock is hidden inside of him.They box is covered in texture homemade paper.Head and hat are paper clay.
Will back to work ,throwing out the old, busy busy me!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

New house , Studio and Piece

Here is a picture of the Vampire Slaver . I will post more pictures later. Dial up is so slow today.

This is the 800 sq ft. that will be mine went from a huge house to this. But I love it .Two big beams in the middle the bedroom and bath will be close .The kitchen and front are open .And the studio is in the garage ,and it big. Love it all. When it done I post pictures.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Nw Creations

Here are some new creations the first is the Rotten Pumpkin Witch ,Next we have a pumpkin ,ghost and cat and the last picture is the pumpkin sisters and there not gossiping!!!!!
I will soon be putting some new creations on my Elsy store.
Trying to get 42 years of my junk into a smaller group.So I can move in the new place I'm doing. The Amish will be back Mon. to finish it.Then it on to the inside can't wait :) :):)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hello I'm Back

Here are some creations I'll been working on .Can't sleep at night so I'll been busy.Hoping to go to a show or two this year.

Tom didn't want a headstone,he wanted a bench with nails stand up above his name. He said when the youngest son sat on it he would remember how BIG A PAIN IN THE
A _ _ he was. The guy who craved this put two nails in the corner above Ton names not real ones.It has rained so much haven't been able to get on his grave. Thanks for listen

a href="">

Friday, May 21, 2010

LaNgUaGe Of tHe UnDeRlAnD

This is the language of the Underland ,well summon your muchness and you can be fluent study the glossy .Just be careful not to speak slurking urpal slackush in front of the Queen!!!!

To view larger image go to,
Or it's on face book.

"Muchness meaning, An empowerment from within. Inner strength and fortitude."

I know I'm slow and everyone has already seen this but I thought it was fun.

tHE mUcHnEsS qUiZ -aLiCe In WoNdErLaNd

I take the quiz and now I'm a Muchness guess I have to print off the honorable degree and print my name in it. Go ahead take the test it's fun, be a muchness you might like it.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Awards from Cindy "SHABBY HAG"

Cindy at the shabby Hag pass this on over to me "Life is Good"Be sure to stop by her blog she has a great blog and does some really great Halloween poetry.

Will I have to answer 10 question then give 10 more question to 6 bloggers.I know alot of bloggers have already done this. So I'm putting the question on here and all my blogging friends can do this if they like!!!!!

!.Dog or cat person? Dog

2.Have you ever gone to another country? I flew over Paris on my broom does that cont?

3.Do you believe in the hereafter? YES!!!!!!

4.What would you like to do that you never did before? I don't know seen ghosts , talk to the fairy's flew on my broom, still thinking on that one.

5.What the hardest thing you ever did?
Buried my husband.:(

6.Do you have friends or enemies . Both, everyone has a enemies or two

7.Favorite restaurant? All of them I love food, but some foods don't like me.

8.Favorite TV show. Really don't watch to much TV now .

9.Favorite famous person or personality? Johnny Depp / Robert Downy

10.How many hours of sleep do you get? 4-5 hrs.

Now here my questions.

1. Have you ever seen a ghost?

2.Do you live in town or the country?

3.Would you kiss a frog to turn him into a Prince?

4.What would you do for a day if you were QUEEN?

5.Does your dog bite?

6.Do you dress up for Halloween?

7.Does your husband or boyfriend buy you Roses?

8. Do you believe in fairy's or the little people?

9. Have you ever find a pot of gold?

10.How old was you when you got your first kiss?

Have Fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cindy at the Shabby Hag gave me this award. Thanks you , visit her at :

Friday, April 9, 2010

Passing of my Husband

I would like to thank everyone for there prayers will my husband was ill. He pass away tonight . I'm not sure when I get back on the net, but I love you all for being such good friends


Sunday, March 21, 2010


Pictutres so far of the swap

This is the sweet bunnie that Jan sent her partner Catie love him

This is from my partner Sonia, Thanks love him

This is the bunnie I sent to Sonia my other partner, had to to her blog and get the picture lost mine some how.

Robert, was my partner here what I sent him

Carapace , sent this little bunnie to her partner lynlockwood

Dalphn, sent this to her partner Christine

Robert was one of my partners at: this is what he sent me. Thanks I love him!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Deadhead Fred

This is deadhead Fred poor guy doesn't even know he died. All he wants to do is sell his pumpkins by the road side.
I just might make a pig to pull his cart of course he have to be a zombie pig.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Gobber & Swap

This is a little guy named Gobber he could be saying What did I do now or Who me

I'll be putting picture of the Easter-O-Ween swap soon have a couple . Hope everyone is doing fine with the swap any question or problems let me know.

Its so nice the weather is starting to get spring .Just wet and muddy here on the farm.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

BIg Henry and News

I hope everyone is having fun with the swap! I'll be mailing my out tomorrow my partners were Robert and Sonia, When all swapping is done don't forget to send me a picture so I can put it on my blog.
Will it seem that I'm a little sicker then what I thought I'll be have some test run I already try and couldn't handle a MRI SO I have to go back after the make sure they give me something to calm me down,I guess I'm a big baby. Will know more later .When it rains it pours around here. Good thing my youngest son still here with us.And my daughter and her two boys live here on our places.
They both are a big help.
And more good news we got pictures of my other grand child's in Ca. Keegan is so handsome and in the 8 Th grade, Kaylee is just beautiful and in the 5Th grade,Love both of them more then they know.

I have done some bunnies called see ,hear and speak no evil , and a mold with a rabbit and cart. Also did a doll called Sweet vamp waiting for lost love. She turned out pretty good.
Will have to put them up later head and neck hurt got to go lay down for now. But here is a picture of one of my bunnies I just did. Meet Big Henry he a skeleton Easter -O- Ween Bunnie,and just in time for Easter

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Sorry for being late but still sick will be better in a couple of days !!!!!!

I like to thank everyone who stop by my blog, love you all and had so much fun this year.I didn't get around to many blog but next year maybe I can , now for the winners:

Winner no.1 wins WENDY!!!! Red Opal AZviaTx hope you like her.

Winner 2 is The Christmas Corgi. Cathy, It's a red altered bear with a crown and mild part made from a gourd. Hope you like it.

Sorry everyone couldn't win but there always next year .

Monday, February 15, 2010

Swap Partner and snow

It snowed last night about 8" . And I go tomorrow to the doctor .Good thing my truck is a big 4x4. Or I never get out of here . I'm going to take picture of our road when the ice is on the trees looks like an opening to fairy land
The Swap is closed and all partners have been assign .If you didn't get your partner name let me know .I had a very bad night last night being sick and my husband was up and down all night. Any question email me or leave a commit .Hear husband and walker coming down hall have to run bye!!!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Another prize

First there still time for you to join the Easter-O-Ween Bunnie swap Come on so much fun really. And I have added a another prize for the OWOH it's a red altered bear I did. Her middle is made from gourd and she as a small hole for a bully button. And wear a crown made from a gourd. Will put up a picture later of her. My youngest son will have a birthday tomorrow he the baby ,not much of a baby any more . Happy Birthday Brennan and to my grandson Keegan who was born on Brennan birthday . I love you very much and miss you and your sister and hope to see when you when your older . Happy Birthday to a very special young man Keegan . Remember I always love you and your sister know matter what.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

OWOH Give Away

There still time to join my Easter_ O-ween Swap see swap below

Oh yes I forgot to tell you if you like to see a picture of me it to the left the one doing the witch dance .

And now on to the Magic Carpet ride ,go to the side bar to the right and click the pictureto get the list of bloggers.

Come with me on a magical carpet ride to One World One Heart blog.There over 500 blogs with prize to win and new and old friends to meet. So fly on over for the list of blogs.
I be giving away for you to win Wendy, she on a vintage jello tin. Her face is a press mold by Sherry Goshon body is a gourd . She a nice little witch girl. If you would like to win her, leave a comment but make sure you have a blog or email so I can get hold of you. I will pick a winner on the 15 and post it on the 16 .Good luck and lets have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Below is little Wendy picture

Friday, January 8, 2010

Swap Badge

Halloween Jingles Bells Boo
Easter-O-Ween Bunny Swap

Come join in on the fun, Debb


At the top of the sidebar is the badge for the swap.
Cindy Tevis from made the badge for my swap. Thank you Cindy. Go visit her blog

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Easter-O-Ween Swap

I'm going to have a Easter-O-Ween Bunny Swap
This swap will be for a Bunny mixed together with Easter and Halloween. Will make badge later .Here is a picture of the rabbits/Bunnys I did for a challege I did Halloween /Easter .

Sign up now till Feb.13,partner assign on Feb 14. Mail out date will be no later then March 20.Since Easter comes early this year , lets get them out and have fun.

Your have one swap partner make sure you communication with your partner at all times. Or with me if something goes wrong.

Any style Easter-O -Ween bunny any media, no longer then 10 ".

When mailing out make sure your packages has a tracking or delivery confirmation number. One swap I was in got lost It floating out there somewhere still.

Tke a picture of your bunny and email me I'll put them up on my blog.

Please email me with the following :

1. full name

2.mailing address link.

4. email abby

Do you have a specific style, PRIMITIVES, TRADITIONAL,WHIMSICAL ?

Colors you like or dislke?
Do you mind swapping with International partner or do you want to stay stateside?

Leave me a commint below that you want to join. then email me with your information.

Will post participants on my sidebar when I get some sign ups .
Remember just have fun with this swap, and talk to your partner.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Valentine Doll

Here is the doll I'm doing for vintage Valentine swap at Rabbit Hollow Prims still open till the 8 Th of Jan.Just need to finish her and hope my partner likes her.I can do sweet !!!!!!!!!!!Sometime!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Picture & Valentine

Here are two more valentines for your use.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Freebies Vintage Valentines

Here are some vintage valentine images for you to use enjoy
Will today is Sunday and all is good here.Very cold so I'm staying inside today working on my swap valentine doll. Also working on the skeleton bride doll . Both are coming along fine. the swap is over at Rabbit Hollow, and it still open if like to join.

Will there seem to be a mix up on the show I was going to so now I guess I'm not going.I did get sign up but the can't seem to remember I sign up. I guess things happen and live goes on. Just another turn down I'm thinking maybe about quiting doing my Halloween art.

Need a rest my Fibromyalgia is hurting , I have had this long before the know what it was. And hips bones really ache when it cold, boy it H_ _ _ getting old.