Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Awards from Cindy "SHABBY HAG"

Cindy at the shabby Hag pass this on over to me "Life is Good"Be sure to stop by her blog she has a great blog and does some really great Halloween poetry.

Will I have to answer 10 question then give 10 more question to 6 bloggers.I know alot of bloggers have already done this. So I'm putting the question on here and all my blogging friends can do this if they like!!!!!

!.Dog or cat person? Dog

2.Have you ever gone to another country? I flew over Paris on my broom does that cont?

3.Do you believe in the hereafter? YES!!!!!!

4.What would you like to do that you never did before? I don't know seen ghosts , talk to the fairy's flew on my broom, still thinking on that one.

5.What the hardest thing you ever did?
Buried my husband.:(

6.Do you have friends or enemies . Both, everyone has a enemies or two

7.Favorite restaurant? All of them I love food, but some foods don't like me.

8.Favorite TV show. Really don't watch to much TV now .

9.Favorite famous person or personality? Johnny Depp / Robert Downy

10.How many hours of sleep do you get? 4-5 hrs.

Now here my questions.

1. Have you ever seen a ghost?

2.Do you live in town or the country?

3.Would you kiss a frog to turn him into a Prince?

4.What would you do for a day if you were QUEEN?

5.Does your dog bite?

6.Do you dress up for Halloween?

7.Does your husband or boyfriend buy you Roses?

8. Do you believe in fairy's or the little people?

9. Have you ever find a pot of gold?

10.How old was you when you got your first kiss?

Have Fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cindy at the Shabby Hag gave me this award. Thanks you , visit her at :

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