Sunday, January 3, 2010

Freebies Vintage Valentines

Here are some vintage valentine images for you to use enjoy
Will today is Sunday and all is good here.Very cold so I'm staying inside today working on my swap valentine doll. Also working on the skeleton bride doll . Both are coming along fine. the swap is over at Rabbit Hollow, and it still open if like to join.

Will there seem to be a mix up on the show I was going to so now I guess I'm not going.I did get sign up but the can't seem to remember I sign up. I guess things happen and live goes on. Just another turn down I'm thinking maybe about quiting doing my Halloween art.

Need a rest my Fibromyalgia is hurting , I have had this long before the know what it was. And hips bones really ache when it cold, boy it H_ _ _ getting old.

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