Thursday, October 29, 2009



One full moon
Two wicked witches.
Three boney skeletons.
Four hooting owls
Five meowing cats
Six glowing jack-o- lanterns
Seven spooky ghosts
Eight creepy spiders
Nine green goblins
Ten black bats
It's almost

A Magic Chant : If in the dark you're frightened ,
Here's all you have to do .
Say :Igga bigga ,Hunka bunka,Dinka danka doo.
These words give you protection
From ghosts -and witches- too.
Say: Igga Bigga ,Hunka bunka ,Dinka danka doo.
So if at night a monster, Should whisper "I'll got you "'
Yell:Igga bigga,hunka bunkaDinka danka doo.

Monster Stew
If you are getting tired of plain old witches 'brew ,
Next time you have a party try gourmet monster stew
Put on an old black apron borrowed from a witch,
Then scoop in murky water from brackish ditch,
Pond slime is next thing,a bucket or two.
But if you don't have pond slim, some moldly
soup will do.
Now measure in an owl -hoot ,
two grumbles and a groan, to make it really tasty,
Add eerie moan, now if your guest are monsters ,
you cracklenwhile they eat .
They'll say your stew is gruesome , a most delightful treat!

Fat Old Witch

The strangest sight I've ever seen ,
was a fat old witch in a flying machine
The witch flew high ,the witch flew low,
the witch flew fast, the witch flew slow
the witch flew up, the witch flew down
She circle all around the town ,then turning left
then turning right,she disappered into the night
The fat old witch in a flying machine
Is the strangest sight I've ever seen, Of course , it happen on Halloween.


Glama Ray said...

Boo! Can you guess who I am? It's the She-Devil herself ... Seraphina just popping over to tell you how surprised I was to receive your goodies. I was just floored! The darling, precious She-Devil is my likeness ... how did you know? Everything was wonderful and so thoughtful and the wrapping paper, OMG! I took photos and will be posting soon. You are just amazing, you really are. I sent off your goodies. I hope you have received them by now but it pales in comparison to your Magical Box.

May you have a mystical and magical Halloween!

Much Love,

Studio At Crow Haven Farm said...

Oh Boy, thanks for the pics...these are wonderful and perfect timing! LOL Have a wonderful and safe Happy Halloween. Enjoy the Spooky Festivities this weekend.

Sarah said...

Wonderful poetry! Thanks for sharing these on this Halloween day. ~ Sarah