Sunday, October 18, 2009

Will my show went great sold half or more of my creations so happy, my booth was 13 lucky for me.Sorry I didn't get to put more for the party but my husband is still very ill and then with the show. Will put up a picture later of the show .Thanks to everyone so far that has stop by love all .And here ae some more free cards!!

" HALLOWEEN is the Cats Meow "


Coastal Sisters said...

So glad your show went great! I am sorry your husband is so ill my dear.

Thank you for the free cards!


slommler said...

The cards are beautiful. I will pray for your sweet husband in hopes he will soon be well. Happy Halloween!!
Stop by my party if you have time.

Pattee said...

I'm so glad that your show went well and I'm so sorry that your husband is not well.

Looking forward to seeing pictures~

bj said...

Happy Halloween...hope your sweetie feels better soon..

susan said...

I don't think dogs really like Halloween costumes :)--mine don't!