Saturday, October 31, 2009


Oh dear I hope my friendly pumpkins don't scare you. Really they don't bite , I just wanted to say, HAPPY HALLOWEEN ,it's raining today and a bit cool the boys are going out tonight for treats. I can't go have to stay close and help my HB. But the said when they get back they came and show me what they got.I'll take pictures of them later and put up tonight. They are my sweeties ,
my other to sweeties live in Ca. I just want to say to Keegan and Kaylee I love you very much and miss you. Hope you have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN, Love MOM-MOM


Coastal Sisters said...

I love your pumpkins! I hope you are having a great Halloween. It's raining here so I don't think we will have many kids to come by.

My Skeleton came just a little bit ago in the mail and I LOVE him!! Thank you so much Debb!


Genevieve said...

happy Halloween Witchy poo!