Saturday, November 28, 2009

The winner

I had a give away on my other blog Debb Gathering place and the winner is "Josie"
Skeleton In My Closet.Hope she likes him.
Another holiday has come and gone. Now we get ready for Christmas . The grandsons are telling me want the want for Christmas a little of every thing . I didn't go shopping on Black Friday to scared I'll make a list and send my daughter for me. Since I have to baby set all the time, I send her out to fight for the gifts ,good luck Tamilia .Watch out for those crazy woman, I was reading in the paper today where two woman got in a fight over a toy for a hamster!!!!!!!!!!Come on ladies can't you find another store to shop for a toy ?? What is the world coming to? Now can I make a hamster toy and sell them ???
Will I need to get some sleep my husband hasn't been sleeping to good of a night. Got him a new electric blanket so he can stay warm. Maybe that will help him sleep, I hope so I'm tired .
See you later and be good if you go shopping and stay away from the crazy's shoppers.

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Studio At Crow Haven Farm said...

Congrats to Josie! Lucky Girl! Deb have a wonderful and creative week!