Sunday, October 19, 2014


We now have all the winners below mine winner is number 13  Janice Moore-Petty .
Hope everyone had fun and thank you everyone  who stop and left a comment and join my blog  come back in a couple of  days , I will be having a Halloween giving away for anther ornament. Always on my fanpage will be having a give away give me a couple of day to set it up
THANK YOU dear friends for coming  and( Janice Moore -Petty) again you are my WINNER!!!!!!!


Here is the list of winners with their corresponding artist!
1. Carly Smith
2. Arlene Sander
3. Becky McClure Federico...
4. Brenda Griffith
5. Chuck McClenning
6. Cortney Arndt-Rector
7. Darla Walk
8. Margo Noschese
9. Lisa Ammerman
10. Karen Blevins
11. Jean Wheelock
12. Heather Milliott
13. Debb George
14. Susie Krichbaum
15. Sheryl Parsons
16. Karen Brady Hammontree
17. Joyce Tenay
18. Jorge de Rojas
19. Patrick James Gill
20. Faith Conroy
21.LeeAnn Kress

1. Lori Platt
2. Lynn frm Life on the Wienee Ranch
3. Crystal Bowen
4. LeeAnne E.
5. chickzilla
6. Darlene
7. T. Johns from SC
8. DogsMom
9. imsteelefullofscrap
10. Joe M
11. AutumnWind
12. Sara Anderson
13. Janice Moore-Petty
14. Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies
15. Fran Caswell
16. GriffinWyse
17. Deanna  Ward
18. Brenda frm Pumpkin Hollow Primitives
19. Wicked Faery Queen
20. Cheryl Barcus
21. Sandi @ The Primitive Skate
Match your number with ther winners numbers being the same as other words, number 1 artist goes with number 1 winner and so LeeAnn #21 has winner #21 which is sandi @the primitive skate.
Congratulations Artists on a very successful Hop...Well Done!



Janice Petty said...

Yoohoo! I am your winner Deb! Did you get my address message? How exciting!

Debb said...

Yes I did hope it like it

Anup Roy said...

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Clipping Mask Asia said...

Congrats dear Janice Petty. Hope you will have enjoyed it a lot. Clipping Mask Asia team will be very happy to see you the winner again :)