Wednesday, August 12, 2009

More Superstitions


1.If a candle flame suddenly turns blue ,a ghost is near at hand.

2. Knocking on wood keeps evil away.

3. to prevent ghosts from entering into your home ,especially at Halloween , bury animals bone near the doorway or bury the image of a animal in a sealed box or jar.

4.If you see a spider on Halloween it's a departed spirit from your past that is watching you.

5. A child that has teeth when it is born will grow up to be a vampire.

6. If Halloween night occurs on the night of a full moon ,the spirit world is all the closer ,so intuition and divination are stranger and caution and care are more advisable.

7. A fire lit or burning after sunset on Halloween should be kept burning until after midnight or spirits may come around and do harm.

8. In the United States if an all black cat crosses your path it's bad luck .If an all white cat crosser your path it's good luck.

9. Wear a ring on Halloween especially if you are sick and you re be safe from harm

10 .Ring a bell to scare evil spirits away

There was a strange old witch ,in a pointed hat
Who rides on a broom with her big black cat
Across the sky late at night
When the moon is high on Halloween Night

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MarZel said...

Hi!! I hope you are well. I love the article...what great tid bits of superstitions!!! Sending Hugs your way!!