Thursday, June 11, 2009


It is said that long ago a ship called the Flying Dutchman was sailing around the southern tip of africa when a terrible storm came up. the sailors on board were afraid they would be killed. they wanted to turn back ,but the captain refused. he laughed at the man and said he was afraid of nothing. late that night, a glowing figure appeared before the captain.The figure placed a curse on the captain and all of the men on board . They were doomed to sail the seas until the end of time ,long after their lives were over. And anyone who saw the Flying Dutchman and its ghostly sailors would have bad luck.
Over the years, frightened sailors reported seeing a ship sailing along in the distance , givingoff an eerie red glow.
The bad luck that followed made the sailors sure they had seen the Flying Dutchman.In time people no longer saw the ship , perhaps becausse the story is only a story, and not the truth. But you never know - somewhere , alone om storm- tossed seas there may be a ship full of weary men who will sail om forever.



Pattee said...

OMG My bunny arrived today... but I didn't get him till an hour ago when my dear husband said "Oh you got a package" "What??? I live for packages!"

He immediately made me laugh and made my day and evening... I can't stop looking at him and smiling. He's got a special spot on my shelf above my painting table.

He is even better than he looks in the picture~

I am so honored to have won him and have him in my studio~you've made one woman very happy!

Thank you soooooo much~

Yes I will have a good trip ~

DellaRae said...

Not the Flying Dutchman, but other whispy wanderers of the night.