Saturday, June 20, 2009


The word" superstitions" means any or or all of the following :an ignorant or irrational fear of what is unknown or mysterious ,especially the fear of some invisible existence or existences, specifically ,religious belief or practice (or both)founded on irrational fear or credukity :and excessive or unreasonable religious scruples produced by credulous fears.

All souls in Purgatory are released for forty-eight hours from All Halloween Eve. On these nights they are free (Garlic)

On Halloween, the wind blowing over the feet of the deceased bears sighs to the house of those about to die within the year. (Wales)

If you go to a crossroads at Halloween and listen to the wind ,you will learn all the most important things that will befall you during the next twelve months.

If you take a three -legged footstool and sit at a crossroad while the church clock is striking twelve on Halloween , you will hear proclaimed aloud the names of the church parishioners doomed to die within the next twelve months. If you throw an article of clothing beloning to anyone of those doomed people into the air and call out there name ,you can keep death from stalking at their door (Highlands of Scotland)

To ensure fertility of crops during the coming year , make a circuit of the fields with a lighted torch on Halloween (England)

On Halloween ,force all the sheep and lambs to pass through a hoop of rowan wood to ward off Witches and faeries (Strathspey, England)

A gambler who hides under the tendrils of the blackberry bush and invokes the aid of the ancients will always have good luck with the cards (Ireland)

If you hear footsteps following you on Halloween , you should not look around ,for it is the dead who are following ,and if you meet their gaze ,you will die (Ireland)

On Halloween Eve ,don't look at your shadow in the moonlight , or you shall be the next to a haunt graveyard (England)

Don't go hunting on Halloween Eve as you may wound a wandering spirit (England)

Children born on Halloween will enjoy lifelong protection against evil spirits and will be endowed with the gift of second sight (rural America.)

Will there you go some more superstitions to think about!!!!!!

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