Friday, April 24, 2009

Bedtime Stories


With all the surrounding brooms, it's a wonder any housework gets done at all. You should avoid placing a broom against your bed because the broom 's evil spirit will cast a spell on it , Don't let a broom sweep over your feet if you ever wish to be married and never step over the handle of a broom lying on the floor because it's to bring death.
If you drop a broom , company will arrive.If you sweep trash out your door at night , it summons the visit of a stranger. And if you forget to sweep out the room where an unwelcome guest has stayed ,that guest may return.
To prevent additional bad luck, never take your old broom with you when you move. Purchase a new one , or avoid trouble all together and just use a vacuum cleaner!

The Banshee

One of the most frighting and magical creatures in Irish and Scottish legend is the Banshee. Known as the fairy of death, a visit from the banshee foretells the certain demise of a family members or loved one.
Described as a beautiful young maiden in flowing white robes, the Banshee often delivers her death curse while floating above water or riding upon the back of a galloping steed.

Only her crimson eyes betray her inhumanity , for otherwise she looks just like a normal woman.More horrifying than her appearance are the tortured wails and moans she cries out just before the moment of death. So next time you hear a distant howl, think twice . It could be a neighborhood dog baying at the moon ,or it just might be the Banshee coming to pay you a visit.
More chills and thrills to come later for you bedtime stories to read . good night my friends.

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