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It is widely known superstition that to walk under a ladder is bad luck. Historical explanations for this justify this sinister conclusion.To the ancient Egyptians, the shape of the pyramids was scared .and to walk under a ladder would be to break the triangle it formed with the wall. This was a act they believed would have deadly consequences.
The Christians have similar tenet, but believe it is the Holy trinity ( father .son and Holy Ghost)that is violated when a ladder is crossed under.When you walk through the triangle ,it is feared, you walk with the devil.
In more recent times , tall ladders were used to take the dead from the noose after they had been hanged . It was believed that they walked under the ladder ,the dead, swinging from the gallows above, would watch you pass, and then you too, would meet your death. It was also feared that the body would fall onto those who crossed below.

Frankenstein Story

It was a dreary night of November that I beheld the accomplishment of my toils. With an anxiety that almost amounted to agony.I collected the instruments of life around me, that I might infuse a spark of being into the lifeless thing that lay at my feet.It was already one in the morning ,the rain pattered dismay against the panes , and my candle was nearly burnt out , when ,by the glimmer of the half extinguished light, i saw the dull yellow eye of the creature open :it breathed hard , and a convulsive motion agitated it limbs.
How can I describe my emotions at this catastrophe , or how delineate the wretch whom with such infinite pains and care I had endeavoured to form? His limbs were in proportion, and I had selected his features as beautiful . Beautiful! Great God ! His yellow skin scarcely covered the work of muscles and arteries beneath, his hair was of a lustrous black,and flowing ,his teeth of pearly whiteness,but these luxuriance's only formed a more horrid contrast with his watery eyes, that seemed almost of the same colourise the dun -white sockets in which they were set, his, shrivelled complexion and straight black lips.
The different accidents of life are not so changeable as the feeling of human nature. i had worked hard for nearly two years , for the sole purpose of infusing life into an inanimate body. fir this I had deprived myself of the rest and heath . I had desired it with an ardour that far exceeded moderation, but now that I had finished ,the beauty of the dream vanished , and breathless horror and disgust filled my heart.

My mother was very superstition , one day she back up 6 blocks. Good thing there was no one behinds use back then I was about 9-10 I asked what if the cat walk back there behind use .She said I didn't see him walk there .She didn't like cats special black .And when my daughter was little we has a black cat.
More chills and thrills to come later, for your bedtime stories .good night my friends,

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