Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Salt & Superstitions

If your scared of evil spirits try this ,sprinkle salt at the doorstep of a new home ,so no evil spirits will never enter.Don't hand a salt shaker to a guest at your dinner table. Place it down first remember ," to pass salt is to pass sorrow ". It's understood that when we spill salt,friendly spirits to our right are warning us what evil approach on the left, so toss a pinch of salt it way to stave off danger.
For thousands of years , superstitions about salt have been incorporated into religious , domestic and business practices.because salt can preserve food, people thought it had the power to protect them as well.Salt was poured into to wells to purify water against evil and was place on the chest of a corpse before burial.
Believing it lengthened life, mothers even salted their babies .
In biblical times ,people ceremoniously ate salt to ensure business agreements would remain true. (hence the expression "a covenant of salt'). Not always considered good luck , it was forbidden to speck the word "salt"while at sea for fear of the consequences.
Even in the supernatural world salt is relied upon . It's is often placed in the corners of a room before a spell is cast and the harmful spells of others are known to be broken with a ritual salt bath.

More chills and thrills to come later for your bed time stories to read , good night my friends.

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