Saturday, April 25, 2009


It is well known among modern witches and sorcerers that dreams are useful tools for telling the future. To inspire psychic dreams, stuff your pillow with the leaves of the weed -like Mugwort plant, using this dream pillow to inspire prophecy dates back to ancient magical times. Always sleep alone when using a Mugwort pillow and keep a pad of pencil handily to jot down your visions as soon as you wake .If you can't gather enough of the herb to fill your pillow , just a few dried leaves burned as incense should do the trick quite nicely.

Does anyone need a love spell ???????????????????If so here it is.
Here's a spell that bring the object of your affection right your door.
When the first snowfall of winter comes, build two snowmen in your yard or nearby park.Make one in your image and the other in the image of the one whose heart you hope to capture. Each snowman must wear something that belongs to the person they represent. Sweeten the spot where the heart if each snowman should be with a little sugar and make sure that they are touching . then light a votive candle ( but don't leave the candle unattended0. Recite this charm:

By this candle that I light
Let my true love now take flight.
Lead my love on a magical tour.
Ending outside my front door.

By the time the candle has burned out, your beloved will have knocked upon your door.

Too bad winter is gone. you have to wait and try it in the winter and let me know if it works.
More chills and thrills to come later for your bedtime stories to read .Good night my friends .

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Judy C said...

Interesting. Got him already. And we have a corgi too. I don't think there could be a funnier dog than a corgi.